I'm Chris and I'm the creator of Ascension Sport. 🙂

We offer complete gear & advice for shooters, throwers & projectile sports online.

As far back as I can remember, I've been interested in sports & hobbies that involve shooting, aiming and throwing stuff, and now that I'm a dad of 2 boys, I wanted to pass that enjoyment on to them, and they love it!

These days, with kids spending so much time on smart phones and technology, I want to make sure I give them more exciting options than the traditional swing set & sand pit to play with.

As you know, there are so many decisions to make when finding the right toys for your kids to play with, and the right protective gear, training and advice so they can do it all safely.

Now I'm no helicopter parent, but safety is of huge importance to me. I want to ensure everyone has as much FUN as possible, but you can't do that if you put your eye out! 😉 😮

So... for some of this stuff, there are super safe, and they're a great place to start carefully with your younger ones (or yourself!). They're often lighter on the budget too.

With others, there are very serious safety guidelines and habits you must form before allowing your loved ones to participate.

From spud guns, Nerf wars & gel blasters, all the way up to throwing axes and crossbows, we're playing with and adding new toys to our experience and sharing them with you guys as we go along.

As we've been playing, we've discovered that there are so many ways to get involved in this sort of thing. The technology available today has brought about so many new options for us to experiment with. The games are almost limitless, and there are always new toys to play with. 🙂

So... my goal here is to share what I find as my kids and I grow up while having fun (safely!) experimenting with all these new gadgets.

Hopefully, some of what we've discovered with shooters, throwers & other projectile sports will help you make informed decisions when it comes time for YOU guys to get outside and play.