The Best Value Target & Hunting Arrows in 2020

Choosing The Best Arrows: A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best arrows can be a daunting task, for the unskilled and the experienced archers alike. The problem a lot of people face is that there are so many factors to consider, such as the weight and length of the arrow. You also need to take into account the arrow’s penetration force. Then there’s the diameter of the shaft and what type of material it’s made of.

All these features combined can either make or break your archery, either on the target range or hunting outdoors. Choosing the wrong kind of arrow can have a big impact on the precision, speed, and accuracy of your shooting.

We’ve made a list of the 5 best arrows available on the market today. Each one is the best in its category. They each provide you with powerful, long-lasting arrows that boost your performance. On top of that, they all have exceptional features that make them stand out from the rest.

Here’s Our Pick for the Best Carbon Arrows:

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows

Made from high-quality premium composite carbon, these arrows are top of the line. They’re versatile, they’re quick, and they’re accurate. The Carbon Express RED comes in a pack of 6 arrows. They’re 31.5 inches (80 cm) in length with a shaft diameter of 0.295 inches (0.75 cm).Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows2-300

They’re some of the most durable carbon arrows available. These arrows are made from premium high-quality composite carbon. They help you reach accuracy and precision without compromising comfort and versatility.

Their accuracy is mainly a result of the exclusive Carbon Express Dynamic Spine technology. A technology that ensures your shot is balanced and accurate. This allows the arrow’s flight to be fast, yet is still able to hit your target with great precision. The Red Zone, located in the middle of the shaft, and Blazer Vanes also help boost the arrow’s efficiency and agility.

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows-300

The Carbon Maxima Red has stiffer ends to reduce flexing. Their unique LAUNCHPAD Precision Nocks are designed to protect the shaft from impact. The nocks are covered with BullDog Collars for added protection. Each one of these arrows is laser-checked for their straightness. They come as close as 1/10,000 of an inch.Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows3-300


  • Great for hunting
  • Offers a high degree of accuracy
  • Nocks are made of polycarbonate
  • Patented Bulldog Collar nock covering
  • Exclusive LAUNCHPAD Precision Nocks
  • Comes with exclusive Dynamic Spine and Red Zone technology


  • Not as durable as other brands
  • The price is a bit high

Here’s Our Pick for the Best Hunting Arrows:

Tiger Archery 30-inch Carbon Arrow

The Tiger Archery arrows are made from premium quality composite carbon. They’re known for their precision and high-quality performance. They come with 6 extra nocks. Besides, the arrow points can be removed.

These arrows weigh 35 grams each with an overall length of 30 inches (76 cm). They’re great for both novice target shooters, as well as experienced hunters. They come in a pack of 12 arrows that have proven themselves to be durable, strong, and reliable. The shaft diameter is 0.309 inches (0.78 cm).

These durable arrows can fly straight in most weather conditions. The Tiger Archery arrows provide forceful penetration of the target for enhanced accuracy.


  • Great for hunting and target practice
  • Forceful penetration
  • Removable arrow points
  • Come with 6 extra nocks
  • Affordable price


  • They splinter easily
  • Not as stiff as other brands

Here’s Our Pick for the Best Target Arrows:

ANTSIR Outdoors Carbon Shaft Removable Arrows

These ANTSIR arrows are made from carbon fiber. Each one is 31.5 inches (80 cm) in length and weighs nearly 28 grams. The length of the shaft is 30 inches (75 cm) and has an outer diameter of 0.30 inches (0.78 cm).

They provide accuracy and speed. They’re the perfect arrows to be used on the target range. Because they’re not made from pure carbon, their price is slightly lower than their competitors.

They offer great target penetration with the help of sturdy nocks and sturdy, replaceable arrow points. They help boost the accuracy of their shots and provide them with the right practice they need to become experts.

The ANTSIR arrows come in a pack of 12 with matching replaceable tips. These tips are nickel-plated stainless steel and offer a respectable degree of precision. You can easily tighten the tips using nocking pliers.

The budget-friendly price tag is great, but it does mean the quality may be a bit lacking in some areas. However, both the nock and target penetration are quite impressive. You can rotate them freely to get the best aim and speed.


  • Perfect for target practice
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate
  • Fast, yet reliable
  • Budget-friendly


  • They’re heavier than other brands
  • Arrows can easily snap mid-flight
  • Nocks aren’t glued on and sometimes need to be realigned

Here’s Our Pick for the Best Arrows for Traditional Bows:

REEGOX Archery Arrows

The REEGOX arrows are made of carbon fiber. To boost their sturdiness, they come with durable metal on the edges. This makes them both lightweight yet capable of providing speed and can last for a long time.

They’re perfect for novice archers who are just starting out and want to up their game. These durable arrows can significantly improve their shooting. The nocks can be adjusted to your preference. Also, the arrow points can be easily removed and replaced.

These arrows come in a pack of 12 and weigh about 38 gm. They’re 31.5 inches (80 cm) long with a shaft diameter of 0.30 inches (0.78 cm).


  • Great for target shooting
  • Durable
  • Accurate
  • Can fly straight in most weather conditions
  • Budget-friendly


  • Nocks must be adjusted manually
  • Nocks are sometimes loose

Here’s Our Pick for the Best Lightweight Arrows for Speed:

Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ  Fletched Carbon Arrows

The Carbon Express BLU arrows are great for shooting long distances. They provide absolute accuracy and fly with lightning speed. Another great feature of these arrows is they give you consistent execution each time you use them.

Their precision is unrivaled. This is because they were made with high-quality features that the Carbon Express brand has become known for. A good example of this is the uniquely designed LAUNCHPAD nocks.

There are also the exclusive Blazer vanes that enhance accuracy and boost speed. Plus, they’re made of Diamond Weave carbon material, a feature unique to Carbon Express BLU arrows.

They come in a pack of 6 with an overall length of 31.5 inches (80 cm). The high-tech carbon shaft has a diameter of 0.286 inches (0.72 cm).


  • Perfect for distance shooting
  • Lightweight
  • Quick, yet offer superb precision
  • They come with LAUNCHPAD nocks
  • Are fitted with Blazer vanes
  • Great value for the price


  • Extreme lightweight may impact performance
  • Have been known to lose some of their balance mid-flight

The Main Parts of an Arrow

Each standard arrow is made up of 4 basic parts. Each of these parts has a different size, weight, and other notable features. These parts feature different specifications, each one directly impacts the arrow and its flight.

What is the Arrow Shaft?

The shaft is the length of the arrow. It starts at the arrow point and goes all the way to the fletching at the base end.

Shafts come in 4 basic types of materials. Each of these materials is used for different purposes. They also come with their unique set of measurement systems.

What are traditional arrows made from?

The traditional type of arrow is made from wood and has been ever since they were first invented thousands of years ago. Nowadays, they’re the perfect choice for new archers because they’re lightweight and easy to use. They usually have feather fletchings.

They’re also budget-friendly. This is good news because wood arrows easily break and splinter, which means you’ll be frequently buying replacements.

Since they’re made from organic material, they’re not all uniform in diameter, spine, and even the way they fly. This is why they’re not allowed in archery competitions.


Carbon arrows are the perfect choice for heavier bows because they’re stiff and thin. They can easily pierce game because of their thin diameter. Carbon arrows are usually sold at their full length of 32 inches. They’re cut to the length of your choice, and come in various degrees of spine stiffness to best match your archery preferences.

Overuse can make them splinter, but that doesn’t happen frequently. The downside is that they can be quite expensive.


These arrows are used by novice and experienced archers alike. They’re lightweight as the wooden arrows, offer more durability, and are reasonably priced.

They’re versatile in their uses and sizes. Aluminum shafts use screw-in tips, which means you can switch between different types of points. Their fletchings can either be plastic or feather vanes.

Aluminum-carbon mix

These arrows are produced with aluminum in the center and carbon acting as its cover. They offer the best of both worlds. The aluminum-carbon mix is lighter, faster, and offers more precision. Also, they don’t need large fletchings.

Competitive archers use these types of arrows because they’re durable and reliable. Archers who hunt outdoors at far-away targets also use this type of arrow.


Fiberglass arrows are pretty cheap because they’re not very flexible or accurate. They’re good for target practice only.

What is the Arrow Head?

This is the tip of the arrow. It has a sharp point and is commonly referred to as the ‘point’ of the arrow. It comes in various types and shapes.

Bullet points

These are typically used at archery ranges for target practice. Bullet points can also be used for hunting small game. They’re fairly sharp.

Field points

They’re similar to bullet points in that they’re also used for target practice or small game. The difference between them is that field points are sharper.

Blunt points

Blunt points are exactly that, blunt with flat tips. They’re only used for hunting small game. These arrow points are used to take down animals with a blunt force rather than penetrating them with a sharp arrow point.

They’re made from either plastic, hard rubber, or steel.

Judo points

These are also blunt and flat. Hunters mainly use them for stump shooting, or shooting small animals using blunt force as similar to the blunt points.

The Judo points have a distinctive feature and that is they have spring arms that close down. This prevents the hunted animal from running off and getting lost.

Broadhead points

These are the sharpest of all the arrow points. On top of that, they’re lined with razor blades. These points are used by serious archers specifically for hunting big animals or fish.

What is the Arrow Fletching?

Fletching is located at the base part of the arrow. It’s made up of 3 vanes. They’re usually made either of plastic or feathers.

You may find that some vanes are glued to taper to the left or right. This is called ‘helical configuration’ and is done on purpose. It lets the air press down on the slanting vanes to boost the arrow’s stability and accuracy.

On most arrows, 2 of the vanes are the same color, while the third one is in another, contrasting color. The different vane is known as the ‘index vane’.

Index Vane


Feather vanes are better for indoor target archery. They don’t do that well with outdoor hunting because they get wet and damp easily. This weighs down the arrow and affects its performance.

Feather Vane


Plastic vanes are perfect for outdoor archery or hunting. They don’t get damp as easily. Plus, if they do get wet, they’re quick-drying, so there’s no chance they’ll weigh down the arrow.

What is the Arrow Nock?

There’s a slightly grooved area at the farthest end of the arrow. That part is what’s referred to in the world of archery as the ‘nock’.

This part of the arrow is made of plastic and provides a convenient place for the arrow to come in contact with the bowstring. On the bow, this place is known as the ‘nocking point’.

Plastic Vanes with Nock

What to Look for When Buying Arrows

Now that we know the different parts of an arrow, it’s time to talk about what differentiates one type of arrow from another.

Choosing the best arrows means you must match the weight of the bow to that of the arrow. You also have to consider other factors, such as wind speed, as well as your chosen target. Arrows must be strong enough to penetrate your target with force, yet light enough to fly with balance and agility.

Read on to find out the most important features to look for when buying your arrows.

The Length of the Arrow

In general, longer arrows are safer. But some experienced archers prefer shorter arrows because they’re faster.

The best way to find the best draw length for you is to pull back the arrow to a full draw. The arrow should be at your anchor point. Measure that length. Then add 1.5 – 2 inches to that to give you your optimal arrow length.

The Weight of the Arrow

Arrows are measured in grains per inch (GPI). Their weight depends on what kind of material the arrow is made of, and the diameter of the arrow.

Light arrows are more suitable for competitions and practices. Heavier arrows, on the other hand, are best used for hunting. Anyone who’s just starting out in archery should opt for the lighter arrows because they’re easier to use and travel fast. Yet using arrows that are overly light can cause serious harm to your bow.

As a rule, archers are recommended to an arrow weight of anywhere between 6 – 8 grains per pound of draw weight.

The Weight of the Arrow Point

Deciding on which tip weight to buy is based on what you want the arrow to do. Arrow manufacturers generally have their own point weight recommendations as a guide to help you out.

Light bows perform well with light point weights which are easier to use for target archers. Heavier bows do better with heavier tips, a feature seasoned hunters prefer because one balances out the other.

What is The Arrow’s Spine

The spine helps achieve something known in the world of archery as ‘The Archer’s Paradox’. Arrows are designed to have different spine lengths and variable levels of stiffness.

Stiff spines won’t hit the target accurately. They’ll lean far left before straightening out again. The same is true for spines that are too soft. You can find spine meters that accurately measure an arrow’s spine.

Other factors that go into spine performance is the weight of the bow, the length of the arrow, as well as the weight of its point.

The Diameter of the Shaft

If you mostly practice target shooting, then find arrows with a thicker diameter. Thick arrows are better at coming in contact with the target with more accuracy.

But if you’re more of an outdoor hunter, then thinner diameters will work better for you. Thin arrows are faster and maneuver well because they’re less affected by the wind.

A Final Note

Now you know all there is about arrows and how they behave. You’ve become an expert when it comes to finding the best arrows available on the market. You know exactly what to look for and probably already have a favorite lined up.

Our top pick is the Carbon Express Maxima BLU RZ  Fletched Carbon Arrows. The Carbon Express Maxima BLU arrows are designed with exclusive features, such as the Blazer Vanes, the LAUNCHPAD nocks, and lots more. They’re fast and reliable, and best of all, come with a great price tag.

If you’re looking for something to use during target shooting, then you should give ANTSIR Outdoors Carbon Shaft Removable Arrows a try. The ANTSIR arrows are great if you’re new to archery. They’re lightweight, yet strong enough to deliver accurate shots.

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